Fallen Father: Lee Sousley (Fosbury)


Lee Sousley. Fosbury. (1/13/2009-5/10-2011) The Glisan St. Massacre – 29 miles, 3-0 with a Kielbasa on first night. ROY 2009, beating out the Chairman.  4th place on the career wins list. 2nd in singles 15-10, 60%.  10-0 night at the Rumpus.  19 H / 2K in 122 games played.  The only father who lives outside of city of Portland. The diminutive Oak Grover, wise far beyond his height. Chooses his nights wisely and makes the most of his choices.  His wit can be as deceptive as a Milwaukie tour brochure, so do please try to keep up. It was never over until the last weight is thrown. Uncanny ability to calmly amass small scores, dismissing the opponent without them really realizing what has happened.  His stylish, even release was a model of classic delivery.