2012: The Story of Chairman and Dub Dub

Playing the percentages
Both finished the year above 60%.
Dub-Dub set a new TFC record with 63.64% (Previous record 60.98% -2011)
Dub-Dub has now achieved 60% or greater in three different years.
With this year’s finish, the Chairman becomes the only other father to achieve 60%.

Mean Streaks
The Chairman and Dubs started the year with streaks of 10 and 11, respectively.
They both ended the year on a 11 game streak.
Like last year, they will be carrying this active streak into the new year.

Stage Fight
The Chairman won 4 stages, including the December stage with a 14-1 record.
Dub-Dub won 3 stages, losing only to the Chairman in December despite going 14-2 in the month.

Hardware Wars
The Chairman nicked the Coppa di Primavera from Dubs with a threaded-needle, last-puck 15-14 victory.
Dub-Dub won the Coppa di Autunno and retained the Hammer.

For the rest of us, small consolation in the fact that they are winless in 2013.