Acronysms Lost in Translation

Thaddeus lands a rib shot to Aldwyn of Lancashire during the GS tourney.

Mourn the lost 2009; Google translate led by El Hombre de Caramelo; Did you say: Vielen danke die stato. Communiqué vom honorales ist Dienstag Nächte. Saugen Hahn von ihrem Mann candy; Swan drops “Jesus is my” clip; Do not Google “Late Yukon Snipe”; NOGGIT;  Kukutana; Palabre a su madre; Practice makes perfect Jack Fucker; I will not be able to make it to the fuck pond on time; Shitcans™; Boites de Merde; Swan is at the pond; Gato waits on his porch; “Independent, like today’s Tom Sawyer, he gets high on you and your muthafuckin lawyer”; Chairman on plane at sfo; SFO = Still fucking waiting; PDX = Where the fuck are you?; Team Debezzo 5-1 with a SO; Statty’s Lament = Rode all the way, played one end, got shut out; Acronysms; SCA; Ride like we mean it to Beulah; Minced words tainting the food and pie; Gome by one beckons; Das Racist headphones and afgooey, ooey, ooey, ooey.