Preshow: Man vs. Weird Cigarette

Dubec – Dubec the cigarette is a classy, smooth smoke from Holland, composed of leaves from Turkey. Dubec the man is a gassy uncouth bloke from Scotland, poised for heaves and jerking.

Huchun – Huchun the cigarette is a long version, made in China and sold in a soft pack. Huchun the man gives you the long version with shades of whining, as told at the Prepack.

Chairman – Chairman the cigarette is made in England, known chiefly for its straight cut variety, and comes in junior sized models. Chairman the man lives in Portland, is known chiefly for the varieties he cuts, and cums in junior sized models.

Bezrobotne – Bezrobotne the cigarette is of Polish origin, stands 70mm tall, and its name means “out of work”. Bezrobotne the man stinks of Polish gin, stands 70 feet tall, and, out of nothing, somehow makes it work.

Vic – Vic the cigarette is a relatively small format, cheaply made Lisbon affair. Vic the man is relatively small for a man, and eager to trade his bike for thin air.

Asswan – Asswan the cigarette gets its name from an honorable lineage from days long gone.  Asswan the man earned his name in a dishonorable linkage of his ass to a swan.

– M&N the cigarette has a misprinted package that is worth a lot to obsessed collectors. M&N the man has emotional baggage, talks a lot, and is a confessed defector.

Kong’s Mansion – Kong’s Mansion the cigarette is king sized, Chinese, and comes in a hard pack. Kong’s Mansion the man is uncircumcised, has skinned knees, and cums in an old sock.

Sigulda – Sigulda the cigarette uses cloves from Latvia. Sigulda the man uses gloves on labia.

Danamas – Danamas the cigarette comes in a distinctive orange pack. Danamas the man wants his playing instinct and scoring range back.

Lester – Lester the cigarette is bright leaf from Greece. Lester the man is neither thief nor police.