Yukon Reed-Route

Chez Dub prepack with Lizza. Roller coaster vids. SF shuffleboard pilgrimage? Scenic route to Yukon. Check in at Back Stage. Reed Blue Light Bridge. Swan waiting at the bar. Don’t piss in my back pocket. Rudy can’t fail to get the fathers jumping. What’s that smell, SA? LGBT = Long game no shutout. Kay’s food and DDT = Don’t ask don’t tell. Reed Orange Bridge. Gome by Shmidnight 30.

Fathers: Dübz, Lizza, Gatto, Vic, Swan, SA
Bars: Yukon, Kay’s

MB 15 DL 4
DLMB 15 SPSW 7 Hanger (SP)
DLMB 17 BMSW 11 Flood (MB)
DLMB 19 BMSP 9 Hanger (MB)
DLMB 11 DBSW 0 Shutout
BMSP 17 DLMB 4 Hanger (SP)

Notes: Dübz got his 8th hanger (124th career), 3rd flood, and 3rd shutout of 2013. Lizza got his 3rd shutout of 2013 as well. Gatto got his 3rd & 4th hangers (87 career) of 2013. Swan has lost 11 straight. He has not won since 2/26 at the Black Cat. Miami Vic and Gatto have honors and will play the opening singles match next week.