Burkinis of the Future


Lambeau prepack. Dubs selling burkinis in the future. Glycerin < 15 min. Sheer pink skirt sunset. 8 fathers. Chairman’s got a bag of kielbasas for the Handy Slut. Beam and PBR. Thigh block dick chop. Swan on the juke. Namath, Zulu, and Gatto take in the glass window riverfront. Spring Slow Burger and Boneyard IPA for a Zulu and Gatto nightcap. Gome by shmidnight.

Bars: Sandy Hut, Slow Bar
Fathers: Bezzo, SA, Chairman, Statty, Namath, Kong, Zulu, Swan

LK 15 SL 6 Bloodbath (LK)
DLDS 15 LKSL 9 Hanger (SL); Kielbasa (DL)
DBSP 16 DLDS 9 Hanger (DB); Kielbasa (DL)
SW 16 LK 8

Notes: Chairman becomes the first father to have two kielbasas in one night. Further, they were in back to back games. These were his second and third kielbasas. His first was on 9/6/11 at Vendetta. Gatto played his 800th career game.