Louisiana Static Cling


Prepack ded like truck. Short pants, big moon. Spring Reign under the heat lamps. Swan asks “Cheap American beer?” “Yep.” Lizzebra. Dub in jewels returns. Saudi Arabia is dune 4x4s and never meeting anyone’s wife. Chairman extends kielbasa roll. Louisiana Static Cling encroachment put to swift end by Dub arm sweep. Home for the earlies. Red Fox for the lates. Double Mountain Hop Lava, Fox Burger, Sonoran Dog, Tacos, and Ceasar Salad. Absent SA (disguised as a woman) sends late text for Beulah lifeline, but the car assist awaits. Rack up at Swan’s and carbon gome by shmidnight and ten.

Fathers: Swan, Dubs, Gatto, Chairman, Ellsmore, Vic, Zulu
Bars: Vendetta, Red Fox

Last Night:
DLSP 16 OCSW 7 Hanger (SW)
DLSP 15 GLMB 12 Kielbasa (DL), Hanger (MB)
DLSP 15 MBOC 11 Hanger (SP)