Stay Caramelled, My Friends

wrapped caramel

Dubs prepack at Rose City abode. Dubs says best ride of the year for him. “Not a car on the roads last night. Warm – still – silent and caramelled.”  Smooth Skidmore beats NE Going in the path wars. VD table played fine. I arrived late expressly so that I could not play and then watch everyone leave. Kong lifeline of Lutz Rusty Nail proves to be last one for my coffin. Straight into curb on bike at 2:00 a.m.  See You Next Tuesday = CNN. Stay caramelled, my friends.

MBSW 19 BMLK 12  Hanger (BM)

Bars: Vendetta, Lutz
Fathers: Gato, Dubs, Swan, Bezzo, Vic, Kong