Night of the Swan


Mostly quiet on the front end, with chatter at a minimum. Band prax meet up with Dubs and a short ride with hats to the Hutch. Solemn news bruises hearts. Hope and best wishes, Chairman. Full complement of fathers. Even SA skidding in late. Turns out we were only there to get our tails kicked in by Dubs and Swan. No second bar tonight, especially for SA who disappeared around the corner, continuing his slow march away from the pack. Great ride under the misty moon back to Swan’s. Curse the mandatory car assist, but gome by 11:45. CSPAN, fellas, CSPAN.

MBSW 17 BMLK 13 Hanger (SW)
MBSW 17 DLSP 8 Flood (SW)
MBSW 16 BMLK 9 Flood (MB)
SW 15 SP 7

Swan takes top honors for the night. He and Dubs go 5-0, extending their double win streak to 7. Swan also registered a hanger, a shutout, a flood, and stopped Gato’s sinlgles streak with night-finishing singles victory. Swan also has moved into the career lead at the Hutch (26-17, 60.47%).

Bars: Hutch
Fathers: Swan, Gato, Dubs, Chairman, Bezzo, Vic, Namath, SA