Man of Shoulders


Dub pac on cinema night. Massive attack and a Belgian beer with a pig on the front. The propane tanked his back. T-storms miss us, just like every Tuesday. Roseway is the only way. Cheap everything and a descending staircase to the bathroom bunker. Caramels are even cheaper. Dubs could watch previews all night. Movie is mass destruction, endless fights between the invincible, Amy Lois Adams Lane speaking unnecessary exposition in a cartoon bubble, General Zaad has a scar and never blinks, and shoulders as big as Kansas. But, then again, eye candy enough for you, baby. Touchdown Superman! Afters is beer and Driftwood dart damage. Rockola neglected and waiting, in need of discovery. No Chinese/Vietnamese, no hot cakes, just the chill for long road gome. No movies until next year.

Bars: Driftwood Tavern
Fathers: Vic, Dubz, Swan, Chairman, Zulu, Gato, Bezzo