BLT: Boy With The Dragon Tattoo

TGIF! I wish it was fucking Tuesday! Movie v. 80 degrees = Lambeau – Bluffs Vendetta. Valdeon, apple and wine. Old Crow and beers with cozies. Pairings crowd populating the once quiet sidewalk. Eugene lawn circle. How’s the job at the coop going? Bring my cat over here. “It’s the joint!” original. Smoking and drinking on a Tuesday night. Disco discus shoes. Discuss. Call him Numero. Mississippi route. Hoping to see a bluff muff. Sunset over Portland blouses and camel toes. Weed whacker, reflective vest, Beats headphones. Kickstarter for the rope swing. Don’t forget the Sam Adams Memorial Funicular. Father Klaus. Full rat pack of riders. Vendetta is ours. Good Life Descender IPA and table whiskeys. BLT= Boy With the Dragon Tattoo. Skidding on Skidmore, Failing on Failing, Going on going, 5 wide on Shalen. He’s just down the street. I’m just down the street … at Tiga. La Chouffe. Crusty bread, deviled eggs, olives, spicy pulled chicken. Last calamari on a dropped plate. All downhill from here. Sleep v. Pancakes at Dawn is no contest. Propped up at the hot cake house eating hash, eggs, and cakes. Best pancakes in West Gresham.

Bars: Vendetta, Tiga, (Hot Cake House)
Fathers: SA, Gatto, Swan, Vic, Bezzo, Dubs, Chairman, Namath, Gness, Klaus
Beers: Good Life Descender IPA, La Chouffe

Game Log:
DLMB 15 BMSP 4 Hanger (DL)
DBLK 16 DLMB 14 Won on needle threading last shot by SA
DBLK 17 DSOTH 6 Hanger (DB), Hanger (DS), OTH = Klaus