Hair Bear and Mr. Peevly

Matty Z says it’s gonna snow Tuesday. Kinda hope he’s right but fuck that guy anyway. Now the weather forecast is 0% chance of rain for Lil Friday. FUGAZI. …and 28°F on the ride home. Matt is a prick. Shame Police will be on the lookout for weather related infractions of a cranial and fingular related nature. Any Cranial Warming Devices (IEDs) or Thermal Digit Enhancing (CGIs) will be duly noted. Smell that? you’re right…….ELK musk. No prepack for The White Shadow. November is OVER!!! Elk stampede needed to prevent Lizza’s Hammer. Silver Sombrero hangs in the balance. Early doors at the ELK House – come and rub the velvet off your antlers with soccer and German metal. Running with the devElk! I’m stressed out about, I can’t afford to be pregnant right now. Mr. Peevly. Officer Dibble. You need permission, unless you have three coppas.