Coppa Di Inverno 2013

Best wear your beaver pelts, prospectors! Gonna be colder the Klondike Kelly’s crack tonight. Yep, that’s the cup sparkling there out on the Alaskan tundra. Who will lay claim? Superknown: Yukon Tavern at around 8; $5 buy in; Random draw; Single elimination; Winner buys a round at the afterbar. Superunknown: Prepack? Where? Who? Who else is wearing their lucky blue shoes?
2010 CDP – Dubz wins in double-elim over Kong. Begins with shutout, ends with shutout. However, Kong did force a second final.
2010 CDA – Gato wins in cardiac comback fashion.
2011 CDP – SA wins over Kong is last year of double elim format.
2011 CDA – Swan edges Gato to win first hardware.
2012 CDP – Lizza wins first cup over Dubz with astonishingly great last throw. Classic.
2012 CDA – Dubz ends 2 year cup drought with win over Gato.
2013 CDP – Gato. Over Bezzo. Classic 2.0
2013 CDE – Gato. Over Lizza with a thump.
2013 CDA – Gato. Over Lizza.
2014 CDI – well ….
SA over Lizza.