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Paymaster and Servant

OMG SA showed up!  How shocking.”  Not, “OMG!  Zulu showed up!” Rich hipster bar with the best winter patio. SA = heat lamp bitch. One of the best Father panorama pics.  Thank you TNT! Oops.  Second anacronyzm of the year.  Both by SA.  Transgression! Pay the Paymaster and ride! Fuzzy ride to Roadside Attraction.  Heard from behind me, “Yep, SA is drunk.” Love this place!  Busy on a Tuesday? Let’s stand around the fire and smoke.  Smoke what?  Oh, don’t mind if I do.  I’m gonna have to ask you to leave.  Why me?  Didn’t you see the other 5 guys before me?  You’re not 86’d.  You just need to do that outside.  Yessir!  Best outcome possible. Forced to our third bar of the night.  Forced!  I tell you! 3rd bar shuffleboard is always gonna be a little sloppy.  Ready for some sloppy shuff if we can get these people off the table.  Don’t they know this is our table? 100% First night of the year.  A three bar night.  Your welcome.  You’re foaming at tha… -SA