Kong is King, Wristy Flicky Poo, and the Nest is Dead

Meet up with the long absent B*****heart for a long leisurely ride to the Vendetta. Absolutely beautiful night, once again defying the weather stats on the “worst day of the year”. Arrive at Vendetta and watch the NoPo bike lights coming up the Skid. They pass with a sarcastic salute. The table is empty, but the brown ice is choking the life from its surface. Dead spots and molasses slow. We try to remedy, but it needs a shit, shower, and shave. As always, you’ve got to play like it is. All TFC Doubles tonight and King Kong Lebold rules the roost to the tune of 3 wins and no losses. Dan falters only once, winning three. Both Owen and Martin manage a victory apiece, but I go 0-3, ending my 2009 6-0 streak on this table and tempering my overall ’09 success with a miserably played evening. Owen accidentally gives away the table preventing a match with the young nubiles in waiting. Kong groans. Off to the Nest. No one at the Radio Room. Yikes, what’s that sound screeching out of the Nest. Barkeep comes and lassos us or else we would have left. Oh my, the smell of hippie trousers and acoustic versions of Annie Lennox and “My Dick in a Box”. Could it be that the Nest is dead? Say it isn’t so. Off to Tiga, but not before an up-priced dog or two. Tiga is candle-rific with Northern Soul from the dj and couches around the bend. No Dram, but whiskeys will do. Martin springs for the high shelf and sips gently into dreamland. Scott buggers off with a champ grin and a toast or two. Owen peels for home leaving the orignal three to duke it out with bold pronouncements and world cristicism. Leave just as the garage door opens to pull the tables in. Out onto the roads again go we happy three. Fists above the Alameda BS and down we go. 39th is far from downhill all the way. “Last night, what we talked about made so much sense, but now the haze is descending; it don’t make no sense anymore”. Nest: R.I.P. Goodnight is good morning.

Bars Visited: Vendetta, Nest, Tiga
Attendance: DB, MB, SL, SP, OC
Cycling (Mi.): SP (16.9), DB (16.9), SL(14.6), MB (9), OC (9)
Shuffleboard Overall W-L (Singles W-L) Notables:
SL 3-0 2 Floods
DB 3-1 Hanger
MB 1-2 OC 1-2
SP 0-3