Backdoor!, Pickled Eggs, and the Effortless & Early

Lee and Martin meet at my house for a rare carbon-burning carpool to play the self-espoused “Shuffleboard Capital of PDX”. Pick up Lebold at Night Light. Long effing drive. Can’t believe we were gonna bike. We find Dan throwing some advanced practice on one of the three vintage tables. Great red beer for those who ain’t tee-totalling. My morning boast play out fine before Kong sets me in my seat wiht authority. Still I escape with 2 victories against one. Fosbury runs three straight after losing to me and rules the night. Kong sits even at the end, losing in the rubber match with DB, despite the emphatic yelps of “Backdoor!”. With the evener, the Silent Assasin slavages a one loss heavy night. Soberly, the EBMB goes goose egg on us. It is then time to visit The Ship. Torn vinyl stools, the lingering post-smoking ban stench, and a new wide open feel greet us. “Some dude’s cousin”, the barkeep, replies quickly to Lee’s wise calls for chips and pickled eggs. About time to split, so a-carbon-firing we go. Tom Sawyer, Ace of Spades, and Queen on the Microsoft Songsmith. Seems refreshingly early as we ditch Lebold at his bike and zip effortlessly home. While past precedent would have us stumbling late up the steps, tonight the bedclock reads mere midnight , leaving no worry for a distant morning. Trade the car ride for a bicycle and we’ve got ourselves a winning TF model, boys.

Bars Visited: Old Market Brew Pub, The Ship
Attendance: MB, SL, SP, LS, DB
Cycling (Mi.): SL (9)
Shuffleboard Overall W-L (Singles W-L) Notables:
LS (3-1) Hanger, Bloodbath
SP (2-1)
SL (2-2) 2 Hangers, Flood
DB (1-2) Hanger
MB (0-2) Hanger