Bring Your Own Board Wipe

Meet Martin for a soak in the tub. Unsettling and, frankly, uncalled for lezbo midriff nibbling in the back corner of the tub. Long nice ride from there to the Vendetta. Let the cop past on Ainsworth and get a siren flash thanks. Meet the Vendetta with a storm. Pull out the Canadian equipment for a sweep and wax. Lee and I take the soon to be familiar team of Peter and Elliot and get smoked 11-0. Some short tattooed love boy squeezes in ahead of Martin which gets his blood burning. Scott and Martin represent the TFC well in a tight win. Then, they overcome a healthy deficit against Lee and I to take the win. They make it three in a row against some newbies and then finally concede a lopsided game to Lee and I in what could be seen as a tired gesture of mercy. Lee and Scott drive away leaving Martin and I to drift to Tiga for a nightcap. Whisky for me just inside the garage doors. Midget 1940s housewife-style DJ spinning 1950s 45s. Great stuff. Great ride home serves as yet another confirmation of the grandeur of night bicycling. Sleep well and dream of the long tricentennial ride in seven days time.

Bars Visited: K-school, Vendetta, Tiga
Attendance: MB, LS, SP, SL
Cycling (Mi.): MB(9), SP(16), SL (Car), LS (Car)
Shuffleboard Overall W-L (Singles W-L) Notables:
MB 3-1 Blockwalk
SL 3-1 Blockwalk
LS 1-2 Hanger
SP 1-2