Time Travellers Turn up Tourneyless near Troutdale

Early start, pedalling in a rush to get to the tourney on time. Meet Martin on his time traveller en route and together we form a united fight against the east wind. Arrive with great expectation only to be greeted by a plea of no competition save us three gunners. Looks like it’s us and “The Brunette” all night. Give her a brush, some fresh wax, and start puching the weights. Martin rules the night with 4 hangers, 2 floods, and a toolbox full of comeback-quelling hammers. Scott and I helplessly watch it all happen. With the puck tracers beginning to ghost our eyes, we light out for the Matchbox Lounge for the capper drink, some food, and the get home early. Damn cold for the Scottish dress-down, but it’ll be alright. Can’t believe I’m in bed before tomorrow comes.

Bars Visited: Rumpus Room, Matchbox Lounge
Attendance: MB, SL, SP
Cycling (Mi.): MB(11.4), SP(12.8) SL(Car)
Shuffleboard Overall W-L (Singles W-L) Notables:
MB (6-2) 4 Hangers, 2 Floods, Shutout
SP (3-4) 2 Hangers, 2 Shutouts.
SL (2-4)