SIDENOTE SATURDAY: Mannish Boy & Kong Take a Dip in the Tourney Pool

Rain stopped my play on Sat afternoon and with thoughts of impromptu ‘tourney’ in my head I called Kong and off to the RR we go for shuffleboard tourney style. Very different scene from a TF night. About 12 Old school players and other very consistent good players were in the mix. Scott and I payed our $5 and we were in. I was paired with ‘Jay’ who was a consistent sidewheeeler who played gentle all day long and racked up point after point with me sharing the point scoring honors too with a couple of sixes here and there. Scott paired with Stan ( another consistent point scorer and poly top wiz). These guys play double elimination to 15 same rules as us otherwise. Jay and I lost our first game 15-13 but won 15-14, 16-1, 15-8, to put us in the final. We won 20-6 in first leg but lost 15-6 second game. We came second on account of our 4-2 record. The winners were 5-1. Scott and Stan won 15-1, 15-14 and lost 15-8. These guys play tactically and for points and play for hammers too. “Never lose the hammer to score one point only” one pro groused. $15winnings and a ginger ale. Not bad.