Shalen = 39

So it seems I’m 39. Pick up Dan and ride out through felony flats to the Rumpus. Recent rain has cleaned the air and a chill is growing. Talk is a retelling of the surreal Janush tale and the news of Dan planting and tilling City Hall. We arrive just as Scott is locking up. Blazers on TV. They finish off the Rockets in Game 5. On to the shuffleboard. The Brunette table shows us she is quite a dame. Dan pummels, I climb way back, and then he drops a hammer 6 for the win. Scott quickly disposes of Owen on the Blonde. To doubles. The matches feature two shutouts, one hanger, 2 bloddbaths, and a 9 to end play. I come out of the night unscathed in doubles and 4-1 overall, becoming the second player to 100 overall wins. I am now 24-14 all-time on the Burnette. Danielle, as always, is plenty gracious behind the bar. Shrimp and noodles anyone? Da’Hui? Scott shakes his head, but Owen, Dan, and I roll on over. 22 years of age and a tub full of ice behind the bar. Twice your age! Food and cans of the High Life. Some stranger buys me a cement mixer. Strange thing that. Janes Addiction. Owen rolls home. Dan and Shalen on the familiar southnomah roads home. Get home just after my birthday ends. I wonder what Martin’s doing on the other side of the world. See you next week. Vendetta?

Bars Visited: Rumpus Room, Da’Hui
Attendance:DB, SL, SP, OC
Cycling (Mi.): DB(13), SP (13), SL (5) OC(Carbon)
Shuffleboard Overall W-L (Singles W-L) Notables:
SP 4-1 (0-1) 2 Shutouts, 2 Bloodbaths, High end (9)
SL 3-2 (1-0) OC 2-3 (0-1) Hanger
DB 1-4 (1-0)