The Unusual Trifecta, Cinco de Moloko, and the Cart Block

Meet Scott at a packed Vendetta. Balmy night ride has me a bit drained. The garage door is lifted to the patio. We slip onto the board and start a singles match, but get interrupted by a doubles challenge. We smugly smoke the contenders 15-3. Then after dropping down 7-1, we crush back to win 15-8 against another set of challengers. Lee arrives, joins up with someone for a challenge, and they win 15-12 in a closely fought battle. What now? “Have I got a bar for you” says Scott. Moloko on Mississippi. Cool techno mid-centruy up front, upscale forest-theme covered patio out back. Two jalapeno-infused margaritas with salt in a pint glass, please. Someone playing Frogger on the way out. Sit in some sauna seats at the far end of the patio. Give Lee the Janush story and take in the glorious patio atmosphere. Pay up and out the door. Downtown and then up to those Hawthorne carts for late nite eats? Yep. Stop to let Lee leak on the railway. Over the Boradway and down into the Midway. Ferris wheel, the Spider, and the Gravitar powering down while the last stragglers eat up the bargain elephant ears. Across and up Hawthorne to the carts. Shoulda got the fig crepe, but went with the Belgian fries with satay. Lee and Scott go El Brasero in the spirit of the celebration. Goodbye to Lee but Scott and I see a Night Light. Basil Hayden and Rogue back is the stuff of kings. After one means its time to go. Up Clinton to 39th and then its see you next week. Ride home is glorious. Great night ends at 1:30a.

Bars Visited: Vendetta, Moloko, Hawthorne Carts, Night Light
Attendance:SL, SP, LS
Cycling (Mi.): LS(30), SP (18), SL (15)
Shuffleboard Overall W-L (Singles W-L) Notables:
SP 2-1 2 Hangers
SL 2-1 2 Hangers
LS 1-0