Just Call us the Repeat Offenders

Meet Dan up the road for the cycle to Vendetta. Beautiful skies and a slight chill in the air makes for perfect cycling weather. Stop off for a breif lining for the time and we’re off on the path. Some homeless guy with a shopping cart says we’ve “left him to the wolves.” Maybe we have. Yeah, that’s right, I was planning on turning. I wasn’t gonna go straight. Nope. Not even a thought towards it. Vendetta has a bout 50 cycles parked outside, a packed bar, and the garage door to the patio open. Martin is already there and, despite a huge comeback, drops the game in a Mexican Incident. Call it the last bit of rust as he and Lee take it up from there. They run 6 straight games, inlcuding a shutout and a total combined score of 89-30. That’s a three to one for those counting. I’m just glad I only played twice. Lee and I do our dance of the black shirt and jeans. Which awful can of beer is mine? Moloko’s porch calls and it now looks like a full retrace of last week’s steps. Just call us the repeat offenders. Jameson and bottled Stella and a seat in the sauna chairs. Plenty to look at. Dan orders something he dubs a Farmtini. Scott gets a disturbing story from a stranger at the bar. DJ spinning some loud cliches. Pitfall on the Atari. I think I hear the dinner bell. Roll downhill under the Fremont Bridge and down the east side of the river before clipping it up to the Hawthorne carts. Rumors of the crepe girl are summarily dismissed, but the food does not disappoint. Ham and Gruyere for the Martin and the Scott, but I stick with the fig-prosciutto-chevre-honey. Lee and Dan go Belgian, introducing us to sauce nirvana with that rosemary chutney ketchup stuff. Lee disappears after that, but the remaining four spend the rest of their life savings at the Night Light. Quite gone when we get to the pedal, but heck, it’s only about 11:30. Scramble home up Cesar Chavez Avenue. A bowl of cereal, some tylenol, and I’m out cold. The offenders have repeated and have not been defeated.

Bars Visited: Vendetta, Moloko, Hawthorne Carts, Night Light
Attendance:SL, SP, LS, DB, MB
Cycling (Mi.): LS(30), SP (18), DB(18), MB(17.5), SL (15),
Shuffleboard Overall W-L (Singles W-L) Notables:
LS 6-0 Hanger, Bloodbath, Shutout
MB 6-1 (0-1) Mexican Incident, Bloodbath
SL 0-1
SP 0-2
DB 0-3