Preemptive Strike on Low Moon, Torrid Trivia Assist, and Ribs for Life.

B***** calls early and we hit a preemptive strike on the low moon to the east. Just enough chill for a the extra layer. Early to Chez Martin for maker’s nips and takers’ sparks. Full gallop and huff to make time. Keep the chaos simple and point the meeters to the peninsula roses. Catch the fourth flying by by Dave-ine Intervention. All hail the fountain circle. Tick tock, tick tock until Kong arrives. Scrape around for the route and then across interstate to the ridge. Single file in full draft up through U of P and no stopping at the Portway. Leisure wearing trivia night in full fall colors. “Shy” gal at the counter looking for a trivia assist. American Kennel Club. Shriner’s. AA. The EBMB stays on for a chat and a face rub. Rub a nub, chub subber! Retire to the patio and listen to Kong get the answers right. B*****’s limit mispoken. 3? Proposterous! Finish up, unlock, block, and barrel eastward. Torrid pace makes short work of the long miles. Vendetta and the Swervedriver in waiting. Farmers in full form with a shutout of Scrappy & Kong. Throw in a follow up for the doubters, won with ricochet flare on last weight. Pile on another versus Dave and Kong. Bring on Scrappy and Dave. Make it four straight despite utter divinity from Scrappy to keep the mix afloat. Call in for extra time and set off for a packed Tiga. Goodbye Dave. Pull up a bench and watch. Dancers behind the garage door glass. Horse Sweater and Face Smash. Co opt some fellow viewers. Brilliant Nina sums the wit from conversation’s tumble in three words: Ribs for life. Ribs for life. Ribs for life. Ribs … for life. Kong departs the expert, making good on his glass dance promise. Hungry MB and the poutin call of the carts Legs getting heavy and sleepy now. The snipper fishes the fry guy out of chat, sets him to work, carves up the tent flor with the curd dance. Anchovy mayo and rosemary sauce. Slog home and collapse into a future just three hours away.

Bars Visited: Leisure, Vendetta, Tiga, Food Carts
Cycling (Mi.): MB (24), SP (30.5), DB (30.5), SL (25.4), DL (17)
Attendance: MB, DB, SL, SP, DL Shuffleboard
Overall W-L (Singles W-L) Notables:
MB 4-0 Hanger
DB 4-0 2 Hangers
DL 0-2
SL 0-3
SP 0-3