Stinky Pete, Ted and Jeweltooth, and the Roadside Debut

Nip of Maker’s, small fire in the yard, and then to the bikes. B***** already with the glove envy. Miss the turn at future condo but double back to the house of Stinky Pete. What’s this? Clean air, people with homes, and even some women? Did we walk in the wrong renovated door? Nope. Welcome to Hal’s. The EBMB and Kong are already in the mix with what proves to be a tall order. Ted (a.k.a. The Hat) and Jeweltooth dismiss them and carry on disposing of all comers one by one. Chairman Laborde and the Silent Assasin go down next. The Old Guard of MBSP get smothered amidst Scrappy’s puff and huff antics and truly miserable play. Hat and Jewel step down winners. The Farmers stake full claim to the the table, beating Kong and the Chairman, 2 spunky amateurs, and then shutting out Scrappy and Fosbury. Small fires under the Zell’s sign. Barely a ride to a fine debut at Roadside Attraction. Patio fire and nice strangers make it a quick 09 Best New Bar contender. Plenty of great words spoken but lost nowin the remembered glow of the fire. Far from only 11:30. Fosbury, Chairman, and the EBMB zag home. Kong, B*****heart, and I aim for the food carts. Morrison Hotelier yells “Metaphysical!”. Carnitas, Belgians, and a Pumpkin Curry pie. Plenty good. Glove envy in full force as Dan and I brace up the chilly hills and home. The cloud of tomorrow looms like … uh … well … the cloud of tomorrow. Good night, Stinky Pete.

Bars visited: Hal’s, Roadside Attraction, Food Carts
Attendance: DB, MB, SP, SL, LS, DL
Cycling: DB (9.6), MB(2), SP (9.6), SL(9.8), DL (8.2), LS (Carbon)
Shuffleboard Overall W-L (Singles W-L) Notables:
DB 3-1 Shutout
MB 3-2 Shutout
SL 0-2
SP 0-2
DL 0-2
LS 0-1