Friday the 13th

In celebration of the EBMB’s first full-time work week in a while, four fathers were summoned to test their luck on Friday the 13th at Vendetta. I think I can speak for the lot of us that Fridays at the V are definitely a sight to see. Picture after picture after picture. The patio was hopping. Dave’s coat patch proved the life of the party. Busy table, but Martin and I finally got our turn. We turned away an attractive pair despite great shots from the dame at Martin’s end. The Silent Assassin then showed, pairing up with The Chariman to test the Old Guard. The EBMB came through with an last end 8 to pull out a 16-12 win. We then made it three straight against a few chaps in a match studded with great shots throughout. Lizza bowed out, leaving Los Tres Orignales to the ride to the Goodfoot. The watch turned me into a pumpkin before I got to sample the goodfoot vibe, but I am sure B*****heart and the Snipper found warm friends and cold beers waiting. Recognition of the waning weeks of 2009 now forces our hand for the awards and the remaining matches. Proposal for a tight rota and some Last Fridays gets voted in. Regardless of schedule, there are gonna be some cold rides ahead.