Preshow Cocktail: Fish Edition

With good nights for Scrappy and the Snipper last week, the results at the Black Cat this week will certainly answer some questions. Last time at the Cat, The Silent Assassin made a claim for divinity among the plebes. Will this week’s trip will be a call of true democracy among the ranks; a further dissolution of B*****heart royal claim? Or, will it be a blunt echo of the last trip; a reiteration of B*****heart’s prominence? With only 5 match days left in 2009, Tuesday will certainly be the first of many defining nights.

The 2009 Chase:
SA 51 35 59.3%
Scrappy 91 64 58.7%
EBMB 93 70 57.1%

How close is it, really?
In short, it is very close. To give you an example, if Scrappy goes 4-3 and SA goes 3-3, they would be in a virtual tie for first place. If Scrappy goes 4-2 in that scenario, Scrappy regains the lead. For the EBMB, there is a bit more hill to climb. If EBMB goes 3-0 and SA goes 1-3, the two would be tied. Because we have all not played the same number of games that is about as clear as it can be stated.

Big Altoona Melt? – With Scrappy and Snipper just .6 and 2.2 percentage points behind respectively, the big fish finds himself in hot water. Having grown accustomed to the clear water out front, the Big Altoona now finds himself once again in the murky waters of the group, in the company of two pesky schoolmates. For the first time in many weeks, a floundering performance could really mean something. He’ll have to prove once again that Pussy smells of ‘Toona or else the others will be slicing cheese, preparing to feast on the meltdown.

Blowfish in Comeback Sauce – After falling limply down the fish ladder, it looked as though the prized catch of much of 2009 was headed for the fertilizer bucket. However, the self-proclaimed Blowfish has puffed his stuff as of late. Since the last trip to the Black Cat on 11/3, the OCD has put the champion back in the disorder, posting a 13-3 mark. These were all doubles matches, however, and the expected return to singles play mated with a less than stellar history at the Cat could indeed pop the Blowfish’s balloon. However, as he has recently shown, those who wish to devour him will need to slice and dice with utmost care to avoid a fatal feast of toxins.

Red Snipper – After 11/3’s dismal 1-3 performance, the Snipper looked all but fish-fried as the Big Altoona began to swim away. However, the EBMB not only managed to escape the trolling net of mediocrity, he is now nipping at the leader’s tailfin. With a strong 11-5 performance since that last visit to the Cat, the Snipper is riding the strong current once again. He no longer has to hope for an injured fin or tail by the leader. With a strong swim of his own, he may find he can jump the ladder with ease.

School’s Out – After a valiant effort by Fosbury, last week’s flop has effectively returned him to the school. While no title hopes now seem likely for the ManaLee, he certainly could get to the spawning ground of second or third in the table. If he continues to falter however, he will join the bottomfish scrounging in the murky waters of 09 and hoping for clear swimming in 2010. Look for Kongfish and Manalee, who at least have a fair history at the Cat, to at least add spice to the chowdah on Tuesday night.