Full Moon for Miniscus Man

EBMB and the Chairman show up just after dinner at my doorstep, chomping at the bit to get into the cold air, down to the Cat, and on with the shuffling. Roll down the road to get Toona and then point the wheels through Spooky Gulch. Two frat boys on the Galore, so we settle in on the Stiff Kitten and muddle our way through some doubles. Old Guard with honors holds agianst Toona and The Chairman. Foz arrives and the Tower of Power flex theirs in three straight, only to be undone in the fourth by a Captain Miniscus & Chairman combo. The Chairman finally calls out the Pussy hoggers and we get the good table. The Old Guard then wins three to cap a good night for both. Newcomer Mark goes all Mexican Incident on Zulu with a 12-0 shutout in singles. All blame to the knee. The Chairman finishes with a 16-5 dismissal of the newbie. The results mean a changing of the guard at the top of the 2009 table. With four match days left, the chase for the Golden Hammer will likely down to the wire. After a less than clandestine blockwalk, we speed down 12th to Roadside Attraction. Great fire and some Centennial IPA. Chat with the proprietor. Talk of Blue Nob Resort and B*****heart’s tour as ski instructor. Lizza and B*****heart jettison and I follow suit a few ticks later, leaving the EBMB and Miniscus Man to finish up. The moon, the cold, and the fixed arrow down 39th. Home by 11:57. Crackers and cheese and a bowl of cereal before crashing off. Sleep at the top of the heap. At least for a night.

Bars visited: Black Cat, Roadside Attraction
Attendance: DB, MB, SP, DL, LS, OC, MV