Rumpus in Full Scrap, Fosbury Kielbasa, and Lamb Prosciutto

Couldn’t wait to ride tonight. Interrupted a violin lesson to shake B*****heart out earlier than expected. Beautiful clear night sky to ride under. First father night on the new fixed gear. Quirky route, but we get out there in fair time. The EBMB has already claimed the Brunette for our purposes. Despite my hopes, Darren the Spinning Towel is indeed behind the bar. Better crowd than the tales of ghost bar last. The Farmers square off first in singles. Broken scoreboard means tally will have to go direct to the book tonight. Martin dismisses of the lead dog and, with the arrival of the Chairman, we are onto doubles play. Favorable nights for Scrappy and the Snipper, the Big Altoona breaks even, and Lizza and late arrival Foz go winless. 1 kielbasa, 5 hangers, 2 open ends, a flood and plenty of exciting frames. Great show on the table tonight by all. Foz and SA head straight home after, but the Snipper, the Chairman, and I aim toward Beulahland where the Leech and Kong sip and wait. Dave points out a friend’s house, prompting an impromptu visit. What wonders lay behind these doors? A beautiful host, a tour of a wine-filled & hung-salami basement, and a delicious sampling of lamb prosciutto. Pleasure to meet you. Ride on with the fixed gear swap in full effect. The time has slipped so I must break off and venture south under the foggy half-moon. The two others carry on for Beulah beers and a food cart stop. A fitting continuation of the stretch run. Things getting pretty tight at the top of the table.