Best Laid Plans

Best Laid Plans
“We are totally Lit up…….and  now I am speechless”  Just two of the sentences uttered by his Lordship the fair parker on arrival at Gil’s Speakeasy. Then quick as a bio swale our plans for the night changed on a dime as El intoxicata decided that Vendetta and Nest were more worthy of our attention. Gil’s to be fair had the best vibe going I have experienced there in a long time especially since dan wasn’t trying to start a fight with some bad ass biker posse this time. The newly finished SB table apparently plays very fast which is more than could said for the the “Hoofer” that that the swerve driver has become and yeah for once you could actually say “yes…that’s sand on the table” either sand or the worst wettest dampest mixed with plack pepper and soot SB wax.I don’t mind hoofing it and hoofed  to 3-0 as the “old guard” before my aching bod called it quits…to the nest for a while for me until the aches and chills and yawns and gerard lookalikability overcame me. I am sick with something but never with the company of the thirsty fathers. – EBMB

Feels good on the bike tonight; ride down to Gil’s Speakeasy arriving a little late.  Pull up, lock the bike, and… Nobody here?  Quick call to Dan reveals that they’ve relocated to Vendetta due to Trivia Night.  Fine.  Hop back on the bike, ride to North Portland.  Vendetta.  Shuffleboard table’s gone to shit, but the bar’s as great as ever.  Oly in a can x3, good conversation.  Is that Gerard?!  After a heartbreaking loss on the table, it’s off to the Nest.  Dan’s generous with the whiskeys (God, I need a job again!), although the redhead at the bar turns down Dan’s (via me) offer of a drink on him; that’s OK, it was only out of generosity and drunkenness anyway. Too many depressive thoughts going through my head tonight… Thank God for these friends.  Wake up tired, but through sheer willpower, I hop back on the bike and pedal my way to PSU and back. – Kong

The prepack was called in early. As always, just the Spaniel and I getting precocious in downtown. Republic Cafe? Too empty and smelly. The Gilt? Too … um .. gilt. Tiger bar? Yep. The bar is empty but is filled up with Emily barkeep’s jukebox sing-along. They call her Em-Z. $5 for a whiskey and back? Make that two rounds for the gentleman and I. Quite a pour Em-Z. Gene Simmons neon tongue flickering above and Walk the Line on projection. Glimpse of a Tiger Burger in full stack will have me back to eat. About time to cacth up with the pack, so we wobble over the Morrison and up to the Speakeasy. Trvia night has the place packed but we aren’t staying. As the Chairman and the EBMB are itching for a ride, Vendetta and The Nest seems like the better path. Off we go with me in storming style on the dialed-in Falcon. The Vendetta table is all molasses, but I scramble through unscathed. Lester’s More and The Adjuster join us for the fun. And then it’s off to the Nest for toasts to Rabbie Burns and the wind down on the Cash Couch. The Adjuster gives me a bit of an assist and I cycle down underneath the marvelous night sky. Yet another great Tuesday night in our fair city. – Scrappy

Night Stats:
Attendance: Dan, Shalen,  Scott, Dave, Sean, Martin, Gerard
Bars: Tiger Bar, Vendetta, Nest
Beers, Liquor:  PBR, Well Whiskey
Food: None
Weather: Dry, clear. Mid 40s