Reverse River Rumpus Roscoe’s

A beautiful prepack in full spring sunshine. A red dress send off to the river. Lester’s More waiting at the K. True sunset muddled in clouds, but a t-shirt is all we need. Heavy legs up the 205. Rumpus gives NoMoSoPo a full pass for the night. Shutouts averted but the past, present, and future has to wear shades. Roscoe’s calls us with fine taps, gumbo, spicy mac, and fried pickles. Ride home with cement for blood, setting up in my veins with each pedal south. Garage door up and eyelids down. Great ride at the end of the open season. – Shalen

Bars: Rumpus, Roscoe’s
Fathers: Dan, Shalen, Sean, Martin, Gerard, David, Scott