Preshow in Brief

Shalen is on a roll. 64.6%, 11 straight wins, and a target squarely on his back. King of the fast tables, Vendetta is usually a bit of liability. We’ll see how he adjusts when everyone is gunning for him. Martin padded his losses against the Harvesters, but made it out of the night square. A master of all tables, he is due for a vintage romp at the Vendetta, replete with crotch grabs and possibly a hat. Owen maybe be a bit of stranger to us, but he is no stranger to winning. He will take his less is more strategy into competition tonight, hoping the social Vendetta atmosphere doesn’t distract from the task at hand. Scott is lurking and loves a good night at the Vendetta. He deserves much more than his place in the standings and will likely prove as much going forward. Dan loves that he has already been ruled out. He loves that with only half the year gone, he still stands within striking distance. If you can see Dan, he can see you as well. If you can’t see Dan, you have seconds to live.David has tumbled from the clouds, but most feel he still has plenty of lightning left. He looks to stop the bleeding tonight on table that has been a bit cruel for him. Maybe the unbeaten team of DLOC can have a go. Lorenzo is good and everyone knows it. He will look to push his way up through the standings with a good night tonight. A mid-table finish seems a good goal for his rookie season. Tim never plays, but his last outing showed some hidden promise. Lee showed up a while back, but I get the feeling we won’t see him again for some time. Too bad. He plays awfully well on the Vendetta table. Sean will not be in attendance. The Adjuster will need to make some adjustments to get out of the basement. Gerard is still in contention for the title. His sole victory this year came at the Vendetta, so everyone better watch out.