I Prefer the Sting Version

Martin and David waiting on the Prost patio. Veltins in tall pilsner glasses. The women seem to like this place. Swan Island fire fizzles out before it is started. Cold skies and unwanted climb cancel the beach trip. Lots of shuffleboard could be played at Vendetta. It is May 31, after all. Martin and David smoke Sean and I in three straight, with David the sharpest among the sharp. To Maui’s we go, in less than clandestine fashion. Little Wing, but Sean prefers the Sting version. Tag team ride with David peeling north and Sean east. Martin and I knock on Dan’s door and the postpack is on. Rainpants for the last stretch. Gome by one. – Statty Bars: Prost, Vendetta, Maui’s, Beulahland Fathers: David, Martin, Sean, Shalen, Dan, Scott