Drunken Deer Hunter, Crab Boat Win Whores, & the Shepard Boys

The prepack after being proffered, blocked and fought over lived on last night at Chez Barrett with prior transgressors in full attendance*. Short hop skip and a jump to Hal’s finds the Shepard bros ready to shuffle. Florida crab boat skipper and his win whore have honours (olde country sp) make good on the Sunday form by going 2-0 over the competition with a shutout into the mix and a flood for the EBMB. Suggestion – Hal’s for the Coppa Di Autunno? Quick as a bio-swale we do our best green house impression and head to Produce row for swift sustenance and hot sauce before the call of the roadside and an open fire beckons – Fireside chats and an appearance from Tim – best drum kit in the world – Leitch make for a pleasant end. It was a quiet night, we could hear each other talk, conversation kept a soccer-less flowing theme, best songs ever never mentioned, Google reports Bluetooth usage unusually down, no fights….something was amiss.* Is there a wikipedia entry for pre pack? If not can somebody (Shalen) enter one and define its parameters. Thanks. – The Win Whore – Flipping the switch and waxing your end with his wood since 2008 Before the two beatings that I took at Hals, I did beat my brother 16-9 in singles. Can that be added to the stats? Need all the help that I can get. – Lozo Last night was a fantastic night for a ride. However, there were strange voids of quiet throughout the evening. Voids that normally would have been filled with the comedy stylings and witty banter of Founding Father Parker. Your absence did not go unnoticed my friend. Prepack at EBMB’s pad was lively. David and yours truly attended. Martin, regaled us with his tale of striking down Bambi, (who was using the crosswalk by the way!), whilst the drunken Deer Hunter was heading to the licka store to buy yet more booze! I was humbled by Martin’s beautiful shrine to Motorhead. Definitely the highlight of the prepack, if not the evening. Truly impressive and inspiring. Discussions on sleepy fish and smelly horse cocks led to views on circumcision and the profundity of mermaids. You literally had to be there. From there we set off to Hal’s in search of other Thirsty Fathers and shuffleboard. We saw no furry wildlife to strike down on the way, but we did run into a bearded work mate of David’s, who wished us all well. At Hal’s we met up with Lorenzo and his affable brother Chris. They were playing singles and making some excellent shots. Chris was catching on quickly. However it was EBMB and the Chairman that were the ones to beat last night. Pretty sure they went 2-0. I partnered with Lorenzo and we gave them a helluva fight, but eventually lost 15-12. And in the final game, much to the demise of Brothers Shepard, a shut out was not avoided. Off to Produce Row for dick jokes and Nachos. Speaking of, you wanna here a joke about my penis? Never mind, it’s too long. Farmer Dan joined us and we ate, drank and were merry. And we all agreed Aardvark sauce es muy fantastico! Then we set off to Another Roadside Attraction to warm our cockles by the fire. Father Spit Stix joined us for some drinking and minimal debauchery. A very drunk girl was stalking Dan, but she soon wandered off in search of more willing prey. The evening ended here for the Adjuster, but it appears as if some of the fathers went on to Voodoo Doughnuts for a late night sugar fix. – The Adjuster As a last addendum, late night fathers Scott and Dan met up at Hal’s for a couple of beers after the senior citizen fathers went to catch the Early Bird special at Denny’s. – Kong Fathers: Martin, David, Dan, Sean, Lorenzo, Chris, Tim, Scott Bars: Hal’s, Produce Row, Another Roadside Attraction, Voodoo Doughnuts