Zaffino v. Tuesday

0672324288 #2 07.09.02

Weather war: Zaffino v. Tuesday. 53rd avenue under dry skies, scenic arterial to the Rose City prepack. BFF=Bars Fathers Beers. Swan IPA in growler. Vic award pilsner in cans. Van Halen, Hold Steady. Dubs is a Viner. Critical mass gathers before we decide to swish into the city center. Or, rather, into back-fuck SE PDX: the Rumpus; the Brunette. Still no rain. Dubs blanks GTO Swan. The two edge Vic and and I, then lose to the Pharmers. Judd Nelson and Zulu shock the world and win. Vic and I steal honors at the last. No rain and 6 wide on whatever street. Roscoe’s. Pepper Saison, some chocolatey Dopplebock, Upright, Fort George, and more. Jambalaya, Spicy mac, Roast beef & mushroom melt, grinder. Mowgli says we are animals. SA told you so about the rain. Saddle up under light, then medium, then downpour. Gome by schmidnight 30.

Bars: Rumpus, Roscoe’s
Fathers: Dubs, Gatto, Lizza, Vic, Swan, Kong, Zulu, SA
Beers: Pepper Saison, Dopplebock??, Upright, Fort George, IPA?, Pilsner?

Game Log:
MB 11 SW 0 Shutout, Bloodbath (MB)
DBDL 17 MBSW 11 Flood (MB)
BMSP 15 OCSL 9 Hanger (BM)