Dongs Gone Wild (Not Really)

Not really. It was just Swan and Gness hanging at The Standard drinking Double Mountain Kolsch with shots of Old Overhalt rye whiskey. Good to see you Gness. I almost forgot how fucking cool you were/are.

A dozen mini corn dogs and one mini pizza later we shook our heads as the Blazers gave it away to the Warriors. Damn you to hell Stephen Curry! Only kidding. I love to watch that guy play ball.

The “new” table at the Standard seems wider and is way short. Maybe 10 or 12 feet? It has rubber bumpers that are about 2 feet long and located in the middle of table; and on each side. Huh? But it wasn’t a bank board like the one at the Water Trough. Huh? Whatever. I kind of stopped giving a shit after I saw they had the unmitigated gall to charge $6.50 an hour to play on this goofy fucking table. Fuck that noise.

Home by 10:30. Balls! I left my debit card at the bar