If in doubt – Vendetta

pre pack at SA’s – we’re winged suit flying through alpine forests – when I say ” if I’m still riding a bike on Tuesdays and playing shuffleboard in dive bars in 5 yrs time just kill me” I did not mean it ok – so don’t get any ideas. 

Just like old pre pack times – old crow and ginger on ice – herbal delights and tres originales wax lyrical – followed by one of the best quick rides ever – lambeau to Vendetta. 

 Dubz don’t drink beer much these days – it shows – he’s throwing bad pucks and smashing table lights – farmers go fallow for 0-2 

Lizza and Bezzo play it cool and sober bringing home a 3-1 

Gato and Zulu pull out a  1-1 for the night. 

Second bar – nope! This padre was gome by 11.20pm