Category: Holman’s

Sour-Diesel L.E.D. Frisbee

Drifting rudderless to V-8. Pre-and-post-pack pot luck in the park. I could smell you from over there; Good things come in waxed paper. semi-sober frisbee in the park, way tough. Shutout, shutout, eekout, hang out, drink up, head out. Back to the park. Full-caramel, sour-diesel LED Frisbee. 16 catches in a row. Free house charcuterie and spicy sausage.  A beer too far. Did I fall off my bike? Yes, while standing. Was SA abducted? Did Klaus break his thumb? Day 19. I’d do that again. – Vic



Lambeau. Tram.  John’s Landing Biggity Bomb.  Sellwood Bridge and southside overlook. Yukon. Rain buckets waited until now.  Gome early and put away wet.