Here Be! Here Be!

16 mile mega loop turns into 8 mile mini loop for Vic and Dub. Seemed like a great idea at the time – “more of a party ride” as Vic ventured – 2 wide on Woodward.

Here be Hal’s – here be a table that needs better wax and pucks – Here be fathers – Here be Dubz, Vic, Swan, Lizza, Bezzo, Phiets and Namath – here be great SB play – we’re better than Cuban – Here be no SA takes the Feb stage – here be no Gato takes the noise to Troutdale.

10.15pm – Back patio Bezzo says “Here be medical” – Vic, Swan and Dub understand – where be a doctor?– here be 4 wasted fathers – Here be a dry mouth – here be water – here be my bicycle – here be gum – here be the direction home – here be gome by 11.40pm.