Things that were said

March third – we rode forth – We’re a club you know –Man! Can you smell that? – That train is moving – Wow – we’ve never ridden this road before – Excuse me have you seen St john’s bridge? These gems and more swapped as four TFC riders re run the superfun reverse Superfund ride. We ceremoniously walk the bridge instead of going over the railing – “DASAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA” We’re pretty high up and now we’re pretty high up here on this bridge. We’re riding backstreets all the way and arrive at Vendetta at 9.03pm “…..I usually find sleeping naked helps me get more sex” yep – that was said. “she usually says ‘let me dry my hair first’….so I do and make a mix tape while I’m waiting” That was said too.Our SB was not Cuban tonight.