Double mountain TFC

Tommy twin peaks  aka Donny Double hump aka  Harry two hills calls at 6.45pm doing his best jack Dawson from Titanic Impression “I’m on Top of the world!!!!!!!! and I can be at your place in 15 minutes” 


He rides the rocky mountain Butte way down to my alpine hut before we set off and cross the great Rosecity escarpment and traverse the North side of The Tabor. We find our route and pedal our pitches up and round and meet two other mountain men Bezzo and Vic velo-scaling the heights. We mount the summit together  4 wide with Sherpa Gato revelling in  double valiant oxygen free ascent status and claims gold medal position in Heroic endeavors for 2015. 

Vic does his best Gandalf and reminds us at 7.50pm that “we must get off the mountain”  As drunk as a swan in a darkened basement  we toss ourselves off (The mountain) and wind our way through the foot hills of South tabor to another alpine outpost – the Hutch.


1 minute tales are told – Tellers tell others more tales they must tell. 


Two Hexafectas of Thirsty benevolence are overheard:


“ I arrive late, someone pours me beer, someone gets me high, I win my game, I leave and ride downhill all the way home and get laid” 

“They leave the house,I have a w..k, pour myself a drink, get in the hot tub, chill the f..k out, ride here and play SB” 


And with that – This climber solos home early.